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What makes Lanham Forever glass so unique?

  1. We use Double Strength Glass (DSB) which is more durable than a standard (SSB) single pane piece of glass. What does this mean for you? DSB is a better insulator against both sound and thermal differences than SSB or what is in your home now.
  2. Cardinal Glass – The newest in technology, combines the structural stability of a metal spacer and the most advanced composite material for energy efficiency. This is the most overlooked feature of a window and it could end up costing you in the future if you are not careful. Foggy glass is the number one issue with double pane glass. Decide to cut a corner here (maybe by using a metal spacer bar to seal the glass) and you may find yourself with foggy glass once again. Lanham Window Company services foggy glass repair and replaces windows, therefore we see what works and what does not work … regardless of the warranty. Remember, a warranty does not make a window perform well. Look for a window without metal or tape being used to seal the glass. Metal conducts heat/cold and tape doesn’t stick once it gets moisture.

What other features does our vinyl window offer?

We offer a beautiful contoured appearance that makes our vinyl window look similar to the wood windows that are so popular but without the maintenance that comes with wood.

Easy to operate, with lift rail and a tilt in sash. Night latches come standard also so you can sleep peacefully and let a breeze in.

Lanham Window Company DOES NOT have a weep hole in the sill. The Lanham True Slope Sill design does not allow for water to enter inside the frame, therefore we do not have to install weep holes. Look for a window without weepholes. Weepholes trap water inside of frame and can be a superb breeding ground for mold and musty odor. Insist on a slope sill without weepholes.

What upgrades do you offer?

  • Do you want to give your windows that instant WOW factor? Ask how to do this by applying external grids to make your windows and home really stand out. See photos at our Grid Option Gallery
  • Triple Pane Glass with Foam filled window frame
  • We offer 3 color options: white, almond or clay. Lanham Window Company also offers custom exterior color options. We can match ANY color you desire as the exterior.
Colleyville Home Trim

Lanham FOREVER Vinyl Windows

If you are looking for energy efficient window replacements, experience the performance of the ‘Hardest Working Vinyl Window in Texas’. Lanham FOREVER vinyl windows add beauty, energy efficiency, value and security to your home that is unequaled in all other types of framing materials. Lanham FOREVER vinyl windows combine the best of today’s window technology with professional (not sub-contractor) installation to give you a secure and wise investment in your home.

After an opening

Alter an Opening

Have you always wanted to convert a window into a door? Maybe you have been thinking about how nice it would be to have a window cut into a wall? What about making that old bow window magically turn into a squared off window giving you so much more space? It does not matter if you have a brick or wood exterior. Lanham Window Company installers can make it look like the builder built the house just the way you are dreaming!

Colleyville Home Trim

Foggy Window Repair

You try scrubbing on the glass and it just will not come clean? Maybe you can see a mist in between the 2 panes of glass? Or, the glass has become filled with moisture? Lanham Window Company was the very 1st company to begin foggy window repair in the late 80’s. Take advantage of our years of hands on experience. This is a very inexpensive option and is only expensive when not done properly.

Solar Screens

Solar Screens

The addition of solar screens is an economical choice to reducing the heat in your home, instead of replacement vinyl windows. Our solar screens offer a practical and inexpensive method for reducing heat gain in the home caused by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Our screen material is a specially woven exterior solar screen that blocks up to 80 percent of the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches the glass surface. Do not settle for plain black solar screen. Lanham Window Company offers eight beautiful colors and can even get grids to match your window pattern. Everything you need to be both efficient and beautiful on your home.

Entry door

Entry Doors

A door is more than an entrance into a home. A well designed entryway reflects a distinct personality of its own. The Lanham Collection of entry door systems offer a combination of low maintenance beauty, durability, energy savings, and security. With over 200 styles to choose from, including designs with stunning decorative glass, there is a door for every budget.

Patio replacement service

Patio Replacement Doors

Lanham Window Company offers the best of vinyl clad sliding patio doors. The Alside® Patio Doors increase your home’s curb appeal and help to pay for themselves through easier maintenance, lower energy costs and the increased resale value of your home. Have you always dreamed of replacing that outdated sliding patio door with a swinging patio door? Maybe your room will only allow a sliding door, but you must improve what is there now. Whatever your choice, the Lanham family is sure to have a style that will fit your taste. We can lower your energy cost and increase the value of your home at the same time.

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